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    Volkswagen Service: 5 Ways to Enjoy the Indianapolis Driving Experience & Avoid Serious Repairs

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Servicing your Volkswagen regularly is essential if you want to enjoy the Indianapolis driving experience to its fullest, and avoid the hassle of serious mechanical repairs. Take a look at the following Volkswagen service plans that will help you pay for your VW’s service and give you a better peace of mind.

    Vehicle Service Contract Plan

    If you have a new or certified pre-owned Volkswagen and you are determined to keep it in great condition without having to worry about out-of-pocket repair costs, then consider investing in a vehicle service contract plan. These programs will cover virtually every component of your new or certified pre-owned VW for up to 100,000 miles.

    Term Care Select

    When you finance a Volkswagen you can add a Term Care Select program to your financing package and enjoy a wide range of repair services with a $0 deductible. Services can include brake pads, batteries, headlamps, electrical services, wheel alignment, windshield wiper blades, belts and hoses.

    Car Care Upgrade Service Plan

    To make sure that your Indianapolis Volkswagen’s maintenance needs are met according to factory recommendations, get a Car Care Upgrade Service Plan. Depending on which plan you get, you may be covered for services like tire rotations, oil and oil filter replacement, air filter replacement, and brake fluid replacement according to the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

    Ding Shield Service Plan

    It’s normal for your Volkswagen to get a few dents and dings every year, especially if you’re driving and parking it in busy Indianapolis. To make sure that these dents and dings don’t give you a big headache or cause your Volkswagen’s resale value to decrease, get add a Ding Shield Service Plan to your financing package. With this plan, the dealership will repair your dents and dings for free for up to six years.

    Road Hazard Tire and Wheel

    Wheels and tires require regular maintenance, and will probably need mechanical repair services for unexpected things like flat tires and wheel damage. To make sure that these repair services don’t leave a massive dent in your bank account, get a Road Hazard Tire and Wheel package for your VW. You can get a three-, four-, or five-year plan with varying levels of coverage.

    For more information about any of these plans, come to Falcone Automotive of Indianapolis or call our dealership at (888) 488-4914. Visit us on the web for more information and to check out our inventory of new VWs.

    Eyes on the Upcoming 2014 Volkswagen Golf

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The Volkswagen Golf is completely revised for the 2014 model year. Take a look at what’s new in VW’s newest Golf, by watching this review at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

    For 2014, you’ll find a brand-new front fascia. It also features the German brand’s new design architecture, which means it is 220 pounds lighter, and earns 23% more fuel economy than its predecessor. On the inside, the VW Golf has the rich design and high-quality materials that have long separated Volkswagen from the competition.

    Although the 2014 Volkswagen Golf won’t be available until next year, you can test-drive the 2013 Golf today at Falcone Automotive in Indianapolis. Call us at (888) 488-4914 or visit our website to learn more about our available Golf models.

    Subaru EyeSight®: Advanced Safety Technology for some of the World's Safest Cars

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Subaru EyeSight® is a collection of sensors that constantly analyzes the road ahead of you and can warn you when your car is on a collision course with the vehicle in front of it. The system can even apply the brakes to bring the car to a complete stop automatically.

    The new Subaru EyeSight® system offers the following features to help prevent a collision.

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    Subaru EyeSight® goes beyond a basic cruise control system by allowing the driver to choose a specific distance with which to stay behind the car in front. For example, if you are driving a Subaru with EyeSight® and the car in front of you starts to brake, then your Subaru will release the throttle and apply the brakes too in order to maintain that pre-determined distance.

    Lead Vehicle Start Alert

    Have you ever been taken the opportunity of being stopped at a red light to grab something from the glove box or check a text message, only to be honked at for sitting too long after the light turned green? If you have a Subaru with EyeSight®, this won’t ever happen to you—EyeSight® will alert you when the traffic in front of you is moving again and you haven’t taken action.

    Lane Departure Warning

    This system will be able to sense unintentional sway or lane drifting and will warn you so that you can react before a collision occurs. And, it does this by reading the markings on the road, determining where the Subaru is in respect to those markings.

    To drive a Subaru equipped with EyeSight®, come to Falcone Automotive of Indianapolis. Give us a call at (888) 488-4914 for more information about Subaru’s newest safety technology, and visit our dealership’s website to see which new Subaru cars and SUVs we currently have in our inventory.

    Inside Subaru's Guaranteed-Trade-In Program

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Did you know that there is a program that guarantees a minimum trade in value for your Subaru at the Subaru dealership? Better yet, this program will let you know up to six years in advance how much you can expect to get for your Subaru, provided that you take good care of it. Learn more about Subaru’s Guaranteed-Trade-In Program to find out why it’s such an amazing offer.

    What Subaru’s Guaranteed-Trade-In Program Offers

    If you have a Subaru, Subaru’s Guaranteed-Trade-In Program will ensure that you get a certain minimum trade-in value for your Subaru should you decide to trade it into the dealership for a newer Subaru in the future. And because the program posts these minimum trade-in values online, you’ll know exactly how much your Subaru is worth up to six years down the road.

    How to Qualify for Subaru’s Guaranteed-Trade-In Program

    In order to qualify for Subaru’s Guaranteed-Trade-In Program, a Subaru from 2004 or newer. Your Subaru must also have standard manufacturer’s equipment and have a good condition rating. Furthermore, your Subaru must be within certain mileage limits—roughly 15,000 miles per year.

    The Benefits of Subaru’s Guaranteed-Trade-In Program

    The benefit of Subaru’s Guaranteed-Trade-In Program is that you will know from the day that you buy a Subaru exactly how much your Subaru will be worth in a few years. If you take good care of your Subaru and maintain it regularly, then you will have a peace of mind that lasts years. Then, when you need a new Subaru, you’ll know that you can take it to the dealership and get a good trade-in value for it without any hassle or complication.

    To get your Subaru evaluated at the preferred Subaru dealership in Indianapolis, come to Falone Automotive. If you have any questions about the program, call us at (888) 488-4914. And be sure to check out our inventory of new Subarus on our website before you come in.

    Behind the Scenes: Subaru EyeSight

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Driving a Subaru with the optional EyeSight system offers you a level of pre-collision prevention that not only keeps you safer, but also gives you a noticeable peace of mind. Watch the video clip to see what the professionals think about the Subaru EyeSight.

    One of the most impressive technologies that comes with Subaru’ EyeSight is Pre-Collision Braking. This system is able to detect when your car is on a collision path with the vehicle in front of it, and can warn you so that you can react in time. The system can even apply the brakes in order to lessen the impact of the collision or prevent it from happening altogether. Other features include adaptive cruise control and a lane sway warning system.

    Take a look at what Subaru’s EyeSight has to offer your driving experience by coming to Falcone Automotive for a test drive. Visit us on the web to see our selection of Subarus, and give us a call at (888) 488-4914 for more information about Subaru EyeSight.

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